Young Philanthropists Society

The Young Philanthropists Society (YPS) is a dynamic group of philanthropists with a mission to make a difference in children’s lives through volunteerism, mentorship and events by harnessing the energy, commitment and diverse skill sets of the next generation of leaders. 

This engaged group of contributors has raised over $490,000 in six years and has successfully launched the “Piggy Bank” Program, an innovative, real-world solution to teach students the importance of saving. To check out a video of the launch of the newest "Piggy Bank" at Long Elementary School, click here.

To learn how YPS helps children learn how to save through the "Piggy Bank" Program, click here. To learn more about the Young Philanthropists Society, contact Lawrel K. Larsen, Senior Director, Women's Leadership Council and Young Philanthropists Society at or 702-892-2319.