United Way of Southern Nevada Announces $1 Million to Support Agencies Solving Community Problems
United Way is shaking up the landscape of how agencies are funded - driving coalition building and evidence-based outcomes in its first multi-year funding process


LAS VEGAS – The United Way of Southern Nevada is currently seeking proposals to support agencies and coalitions solving community problems. The $1,000,000 multi-year funding is a new way to support organizations and coalitions in an effort to build sustainability and reward agencies that work together. Innovation and boldness will be rewarded. Funding will be available to both individual organizations and coalitions offering evidence-based programs in four key areas:

  • Early EducationHelping Children Reach Their Potential
  • Student Success—High School Graduation
  • Post-Secondary Attainment—Access to College or Vocational Training
  • Workforce Supports—Getting a Job for Sustainability

“The easy problems have been solved,” said Scott Emerson, United Way’s President and CEO. “We are left with the most difficult and complex of social issues requiring multi-agency strategic efforts. We are committed to shaking things up to elevate efforts from the status quo. Innovation requires strategic risk taking. Our donors understand that to solve complex difficult problems, new approaches have to be explored - in a way that makes reasonable business sense -  and they are excited about supporting bold initiatives.”


This multi-year coalition funding addresses three historic issues faced by nonprofits:

  1. There is often hesitancy to go ‘all in’ with program efforts if agencies are unsure if funding will be there next year. This assures them multi-year support so they can go ‘all in’ and build momentum and sustainability.
  2. It encourages collaboration building - which is a higher level of self-sacrifice to solve community issues, requiring agencies to be more than just a referral network between organizations.
  3. Reduces administrative burden of grant application through automatic renewal / extension if they meet evidence-based impact deliverables.


By mobilizing a team of engaged volunteers and donors, the community will select the nonprofits and coalitions with proven, bold and innovative strategies that will truly impact community change. Those who are funded will receive both financial and organizational support and the opportunity to gain community-wide recognition to expand their impact.

To learn more about the 2018-2021 Community Impact Investment Process, please visit uwsn.org/FundingOpportunity.


About United Way of Southern Nevada:
United Way of Southern Nevada unites our community to improve people’s lives. We bring donors, volunteers, nonprofits, and businesses together to help children enter school ready to learn, help high school students reach graduation day, and support individuals working to earn a degree or certification, all while creating stability for their families. Together, we step into the ring and invite others to stand with us as a united front against social injustices and forces keeping our community's most vulnerable residents from a good life. We are bold and innovative to solve our toughest problems. Together, we fight for the future of our community – and we will win. Join us at uwsn.org.


$1,000,000 Funding Opportunity