On March 23, 2017, Nevadans united for 24 hours of online giving to raise a record-breaking $757,453 during the 6th Annual Nevada’s Big Give.

Held at Town Square, the Media Launch kicked off a successful day. Mayor Carolyn Goodman, Commissioner Lawrence Weekly and United Way of Southern Nevada President and CEO Bob Morgan rallied Nevadans to give back and support nonprofit and schools across the state. Sponsored by Sands Cares, Barrick, Wells Fargo and Gilman & Associates, Nevada’s Big Give brought in 4,851 unique donors with a total of 6,038 donations. To date, Nevada’s Big Give has raised just over $3.4 million for nearly 500 Nevada charities from over 15,000 unique donors.

Nevada’s Big Give is powered by United Way of Southern Nevada. For Nevada’s Big Give interviews and additional information, contact Laurie Mann at Lauriem@uwsn.org or 702-563-7813.  For updates on Nevada’s Big Give, visit NVBigGive.org, or follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/NVBigGive, on Twitter at @NVBigGive and on Instagram at @NVBigGive.