$1,000,000 Funding Opportunity

We are giving out $1,000,000 and I want you to consider getting part of that. This multi-year funding is a new way to support you, our non-profit partners, in solving some of the community’s persistent and complex issues. Are you up to the task?

We are committed to shaking things up to elevate efforts from the status quo and explore new approaches. By changing to a multi-year funding model, we can address three historic issues faced by nonprofits:

  1. There is often hesitancy to go ‘all in’ with program efforts if agencies are unsure if funding will be there next year. This assures multi-year support so you can go ‘all in’ and build momentum and sustainability.

  2. It encourages collaboration building - which is a higher level of self-sacrifice to solve community issues, requiring organizations to be more than just a referral network. And we are securing the expertise to help you.

  3. This reduces administrative burden of grant application through automatic renewal / extension if you meet reporting due dates and achieve the impact deliverables.

Browse this funding opportunity document to explore the possibilities. We’ve added a section of sample programs / projects that you may not naturally associate with the problem area. However, those may have a positive impact on the solution.

Innovation and risk taking are encouraged and rewarded as the traditional approaches may not be yielding the results necessary to solve the problem. Of course, we have to be somewhat smart about the risk taking….but we will be with you as you learn to ‘fail forward’.

And we’re offering more than just money. The document outlines multiple ways in which we are going to support your efforts. We are re-tooling some of our United Way positions to support this innovative and strategic approach to problem solving.

Together we will fight for the success of our neighbors in Southern Nevada…and we will win.

Your partner in service, I remain,

Scott Emerson
President & CEO
United Way of Southern Nevada