Every day, people in Southern Nevada struggle with issues that may be impossible to solve. Lack of education, limited access to a good job or health services, and financial instability. These are tough problems that threaten the future of individuals and communities. But there's hope. There's United Way.

United Way of Southern Nevada unites our community to improve people’s lives from cradle to career. We bring people, organizations and resources together to improve our community’s well-being. We surround our community’s most critical problems – and we fight. We provide support to nonprofits and help guide our community to the support they need most. With our partners including 700 companies and nonprofit organizations – we’re offering hope and help where it’s needed most.

For over 60 years, we’ve united community partners to create a community where everyone can succeed. As a result of thorough research and community conversations, we focused our resources on developing an educated workforce while providing a foundation of support for the entire community.

We provide cradle to career support to break the cycle of poverty and help children enter school ready to learn, help high school students reach graduation day, support people working to earn a degree or certification, and help individuals find good jobs to support themselves and their families. We bring community partners like you together around systemic problems and together develop bold and innovative solutions to solve some of our toughest problems. 

We have found that when we combine each dollar, volunteer hour, and voice in one specific geographic area, for one particular set of families, we can have a greater impact than trying to use any one of those resources alone. We gather information from across the community, listening to the people we serve and work together with partners like you to guarantee that our efforts have the greatest impact possible. We believe that when we all work together, we will build the foundation for a better community for all.

We do our research. We tackle issues head on. We fund programs that are creating change. Together with our partners, we're making a difference right here in Southern Nevada.

United Way of Southern Nevada unites our community to improve people’s lives. With the support of a committed group of strategic partners, we create bold and positive change for Southern Nevada through innovation, leadership and collaboration. Through our focus on Early Education, High School Achievement, Post-Secondary Attainment and Workforce Supports we fight to break the cycle of poverty and provide the foundation for a stronger community for all.


To unite our community to improve people's lives.


United Way of Southern Nevada is innovative and collaborative in our efforts to create a better community for all.


Collaboration - Our strength is in the commitment of our stakeholders. We partner with them to create positive change.
Integrity - We are trusted stewards for our community. We are honest and transparent in all that we do.
Innovation - We address community needs taking on bold and new strategies that improve lives.
Diversity - We value the collective power of different perspectives.
Accountability - We use data and evidence to inform our decision making. We create goals, measure results, and continually work to improve.


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