Andrew was always interested in technology and understanding how machines worked. ITWorks, a job-readiness program, afforded him the opportunity to immerse himself in information technology and launch his career in the industry. 

Andrew says, “Being able to learn more about this subject at ITWorks is great, as I enjoy it and I am able to find out more than I believed I knew. I am also able to network not only with my peers, but also with the mentors that are given to us. Being in the program is a big step to help me further my knowledge and future career with technology, whether leading to cyber security or computer engineering.” 

Even before graduating from ITWorks, Andrew secured a full-time position as a Customer Support Tech at his internship site, MacStadium. This change nearly tripled his salary from his previous position working in retail. Thank you to WLC for helping to make Andrew’s dreams come true. 


Andrew's Story | Tech Impact