Brand Guidelines and Logos

United Way of Southern Nevada adheres to strict brand guidelines in accordance with United Way Worldwide.

Please review the guidelines below before using the logo. United Way of Southern Nevada reserves the right to request revisions in printed and online materials when branding guidelines are not followed. Please submit all materials with the United Way of Southern Nevada logo to for approval prior to posting.

Logo Guidelines

The United Way monotone logo must only be shown in black, blue (PMS 287) or white. Do not reduce the width of the United Way logo to less than .75 inches for print or 1 inch for screen applications. When resizing please use the shift key to maintain proper proportions.

Clear space frames the logo and separates it from other elements including text and the edge of printed materials. The logo must be surrounded with at least the required minimum of clear space which is determined by 1/2 the height of the symbol square. The minimum size for printed materials is .75" wide.

The logos of partners and co-sponsors should always be spaced equally and optically at the same size.

JPG 300 dpi

JPG 300 dpi
JPG 300 dpi

Color palette

The United Way color palette is comprised of colors used in the United Way logo. Below are the specifications for reproducing the United Way colors in a variety of ways.

United Way Blue
Pantone: 287; C: 100 M: 74 Y:0 K:11; R: 0 G:851 B:1545; Hex: #00539C

United Way Light Blue
Pantone: 659; C: 55 M: 40 Y:0 K:0; R: 83 G:158 B:208; Hex: #4f8bc9

United Way Orange
Pantone: 179; C: 0 M: 85 Y: 89 K:0; R: 255 G:68 B:59; Hex: #f15c2d

United Way Gold
Pantone: 143; C: 0 M: 34 Y: 86 K:0; R: 255 G:179 B:81; Hex: #fdb846

United Way of Southern Nevada Boilerplate:

United Way of Southern Nevada unites our community to improve people’s lives from cradle to career. We bring donors, volunteers, nonprofits, and businesses together to help children enter school ready to learn, help high school students reach graduation day, and support individuals working to earn a degree or certification, all while creating stability for their families. We are bold and innovative to solve our toughest problems. Together, we fight for the future of our community – and we will win. Join us at

Organization name
Our preferred name in print is United Way of Southern Nevada. In all written documents, always use the name in its entirety when referring to the organization the first time. After that, all subsequent references in the same document can be just UWSN.

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