Changing Lives with the Siemer Institute!

United Way of Southern Nevada is thrilled to share this recent victory that would not have been possible without the collaboration between The Siemer Institute, United Way of Southern Nevada, and Family Promise of Las Vegas. With funding from the Siemer Institute and support from UWSN, FPLV was able to help one woman and her son start on the path to a better life...

Family Promise of Las Vegas participates with the National Autobody Council Recycled Rides Program, which matches families in need of vehicles with beautifully refurbished vehicles.  Each year up to five vehicles are presented to former Family Promise Las Vegas clients that have achieved self-sufficiency.  These vehicles are presented at a special luncheon at The Westgate Hotel during the SEMA Conference.  As fate would have it, Family Promise had one last vehicle to match to a deserving family and Felicia, a participant in the Family Housing and Stabilization Program, funded by The Siemer Institute and United Way of Southern Nevada, was selected to be the recipient of the last car.

When Felicia called Family Promise of Las Vegas on October 22, 2019, she was about to be evicted from her apartment and needed assistance for herself and her 11-year-old son.  Her downward slide toward the eviction began with a reduction of her work hours. Soon one payday loan and then another found her unable to pay for rent, utilities, food, public transportation, and her basic family needs.  She learned of the Family Housing and Stabilization Program from the flyers that the Family Promise staff had left at her apartment complex to raise awareness of the program for the residents.

The day approached for Felicia to have her initial Family Promise assessment interview by FPLV team members, Barbara Coggins and Lital Slobodsky, Family Advocates for the program. She was desperate to find a way for herself and her young son to remain in their apartment.  After completing the screening for services, Barbara and Lital revealed a big surprise to Felicia from the National Autobody Council Recycled Rides Program: she was selected to be a recipient of a car!

Felicia listened in disbelief as the staff explained that she would be the recipient of the vehicle donation, and then time stood still for her.  She couldn’t speak. The Family Promise team asked if she was okay, and she responded: “I cannot believe this, I came here for help with eviction assistance, and I am now receiving a car!”  Between the tears, Felicia listened as the FPLV staff explained the Siemer Institute program goals, and upon learning of them and the gift of the automobile, she expressed her gratitude for such a program and the opportunity to enroll in workshops and to work with staff to stabilize her financial situation and get her life back on track. 

Family Promise of Las Vegas is grateful to The Siemer Institute, the National Autobody Recycled Rides Program, and the United Way of Southern Nevada. This coordinated partnership in the Southern Nevada community has set Felicia and her son on the path to a better future and we are happy to celebrate this victory!

Thank you to the Siemer Institute for your support to make a better community in Southern Nevada for all and thank you to Family Promise of Las Vegas for making a difference for people like Felicia every single day!