Lunch & Learn - Leadership.... Everything Starts at the Top!

Lunch & Learn.. Bring your brown bag lunch and come learn about the programs other agencies provide to to community. Also a great place to meet other community partners..

"Leadership..... Everything Starts at the Top"
Keynote Speaker:  Steven Seroka
Colonel USAF (retired), Fighter Pilot, Strategist

The most important yet least understood role in business, Leadership.  Every ‘ounce’ of leadership produces ‘pounds’ of return.    Active, Engaged, Respectful Leadership will make your bottom-line jump off the page!   Every action, word and attitude of a leader ripples throughout an organization...both the good and bad! And I do mean 'everything'...don’t fool yourself into thinking otherwise.  Effective Leadership is "Active, Engaged and Respectful"  and is only 5 steps. Learning the steps is easy...perfecting them is a lifetime endeavor…but the knowledge comes first.   Oh, and there two critical components...learn what those are and jump on leadership opportunities without trepidation!!  Sign up now... 

April 20th, 2017 12:00 PM   through   1:00 PM
Bear's Best Las Vegas
11111 West Flamingo Road
Las vegas, NV 89135-89103
United States
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