CollabCon | Social Mapping Activity

How well do you know your network?

Research suggests that most leaders can correctly identify their own closest connections, & those of up to 6 or more people close to them. After that, things can get a little fuzzy.

Utilizing user-friendly Social Network Analysis tools, Conference Participants will work together, in real time, to share their knowledge of what collaboration looks like in Southern Nevada.

Social network mapping is a tool for examining and analyzing the social connections between people or groups of people. These maps help to identify influential people or groups, illustrate patterns, identify gaps, or examine network relationships and interactions.

At the end of this session, we will have created a map of:

  • what coalitions exist locally

  • the issue areas coalitions tackle

  • the resources and roles of participating organizations

Visualizing what collaboration currently looks like, and how it’s being used to affect change puts us all in a position to make better use of our resources for even greater impact.

Let’s make collaboration more than a buzz word. Join us on July 17!