*David is a single father with three kids. He was ineligible for unemployment following an accident that left him on disability for most of last year. He was trying to figure out what to do in order to provide a roof over his children’s heads. He was considering sending them to his parents out of state in order to assess his next move. *David was devastated and anxious with every day passing. Our partner, United Labor Agency of Nevada (ULAN) was able to provide assistance to ensure that he has a roof over his head this month.  Also, they are assessing his needs to see if he will require additional assistance like their utility programs and referrals to EAP and Project REACH. “You guys made this tough time seem a little better,” David remarked. “Thank you ULAN and God bless the work you are doing for everyone who is struggling."

*Name has been changed to respect client's privacy.



*David's Story