United Way volunteers are the backbone of our organization, using their talents to improve lives in our community. United Way volunteer Rasheeda Senger shares how she is making a difference and how you can too during Day of Caring on October 5th.

As a little girl, my mother introduced me to United Way in Virginia, my home state. I remember thinking I get to go to work with my mom, but had no idea how fun it could be in one day.  She made it a priority that as a family we would do community service outside of our everyday work lives. We painted and cleaned up our community and I remember having such pride after a long day of working hard. With so much enthusiasm and out of her own free will, I watched my mom pick up materials and help out anyone that needed a hand. It was hot that day, but we continued our project and together we made a difference. I never forgot that time volunteering with United Way with my mom, and when the opportunity arose to give back to the City of Las Vegas I knew right away I was going to be a volunteer of United Way of Southern Nevada and make a difference in my community.

United Way of Southern Nevada is leading the way in community service and showing Nevada residents just how strong their Vegas Strong is by spearheading the third annual Day of Caring, October 5, 2018. Volunteers can participate and give back to the community by choosing from a wide variety of projects that include landscaping, painting, gardening, and classroom re-organization projects. Over 85 local schools and nonprofit agencies have more than 250 projects across Southern Nevada for volunteers to be creative and put their hearts into the community. I’ve chosen to volunteer October 5th at the Tortoise Group,  just a mile from my home, to restore the tortoises’ habitats. I’m also asking my friends to join me because I have seen how important it is that we are one United Vegas.

Just one year after 1 October, October is a difficult time for all. We can never forget all those that are brokenhearted, but every act of kindness counts and United Way of Southern Nevada wants to create those organic experiences where communities can come together and uplift one another through community service. Our hearts and love for our city will draw residents together. Our strength is in numbers and together we can continue to heal and build our city. It starts with our friends and neighbors around us to help one another.

It’s easy to get started. Visit uwsn.org/caring and learn about Day of Caring or sign up for a volunteer project. Go online and create a free account and view a map to find projects closest to your home or workplace. Select projects that align with your passions and interests that sound like a fun project to do for a day. There are half-day projects as well as full-day projects to choose from online. Encourage a family friend or colleague to join you on October 5th and truly embrace the community by flexing your Vegas Strong muscles together!

Day of Caring | A Volunteer Perspective