The first five years of a child’s life are a time of enormous social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. The pace of this growth depends on whether a child’s eagerness to learn is stimulated by his or her environment. For children to grow into successful adults, they need a supportive and healthy early foundation.
Studies found those who went to preschool:
  • Had improved school performance with increased math and language abilities
  • Had improved peer interactions
  • Were more likely to graduate high school
  • Were more likely to hold a job
  • Had higher earnings
United Way of Southern Nevada partners with preschool centers in Southern Nevada to provide high quality preschool at low or no cost to parents. Click the button below to find out how you can access a quality early education for your child or contact one of our partners.

Early education is important to prepare children for educational success and help parents and caregivers create stability at home. Find resources to access early education and help children learn below.

The Nevada Department of Education has developed a system to help you find high quality care for your child. Centers are assigned a ranking from one to five stars based on these criteria.

Find a center near you and see their ranking.

When visiting centers, use a high quality care checklist like this one from Las Vegas Urban League to ensure that the center is the best fit for your child.  

Print the checklist for your center visits.

Bright by Text provides quality information and trusted resources to parents and caregivers of children prenatal to five. Available in English and Spanish; the messages are comprised of research-based content from Bright by Three and partners such as PBS, Vroom, and Sesame Street.

Sign up for Bright by Text.


Image of Mother and Bridgette

Bridgette's Story

Bridgette was a foster child who needed help with her communication skills. Through UWSN’s early education program at the YMCA, Bridgette’s education did not stop during the pandemic and she received important social, emotional, and communication education during her most pivotal year of learning. Through United Way’s support, Bridgette now knows how to make good decisions, behave in a positive way and the consequences of bad choices. Needing more individualized instruction, Bridgette’s small class size and her teacher’s caring instruction allowed her to bloom, grow and start kindergarten prepared.

Early Education Assistance