Early Education in Southern Nevada

Early education programs get children on track to learn and also support working parents.

Nevada is ranked 51st for enrollment in early education.  A quality early education provides children from birth to eight years old a strong foundation to enter elementary school prepared to learn and read.  

Child care assistance can help families receive support before social services are needed. Expanding access to affordable child care and early education can help parents earn more and miss less work.

Across Southern Nevada, child care providers require a license if they are providing care to 6 or more children. Licensed centers are required to meet minimum health, safety, teacher training, and curriculum standards. Using data provided by the Las Vegas Urban League, the map below shows that child care is primarily provided by Family, Friends, and Neighbors in North Las Vegas and areas of the valley north of US-95. Licensed child care providers are concentrated in areas like Summerlin, Green Valley, and Henderson. Improving the landscape of early learning in Southern Nevada requires an approach that expands access to licensed care and early learning opportunities in underserved areas, and resources and support for providers caring for five or fewer children.


To locate Early Education Resources including a checklist to help determine early childcare centers, an online app to help make learning easy and a list of high quality centers near you, click on the link below.


To learn more about how early education expands opportunities for low-income families to break cycles of intergenerational poverty  through work and education, click on the link below.