Hello friend, 

We continue to focus on getting money into the community. Today, I am thrilled to announce the application period opening to access over $1.2M in funds through the Emergency Food and Shelter Program. 

If your organization provides services as outlined in the funding notice below, please plan to attend one of the Applicant Meetings to learn more about this funding. You do important work and we are excited to offer this support.

Marilyn can get answers to your questions. Email her at EFSP@UWSN.org. Thank you again for your partnership and service to our community.

Scott Emerson
President & CEO
United Way of Southern Nevada

United Way of Southern Nevada is proud to announce that Clark County, Nevada public and private organizations now have the opportunity to apply for $1,233,930.00 in federal funds (FEMA) for Emergency Food and Shelter Programs.

Under the terms of the grant from the National Board, local agencies chosen to receive funds must:  1) be private voluntary non-profits or units of the government; 2) be eligible to receive Federal funds; 3) have an accounting system; 4) practice nondiscrimination; 5) have demonstrated the capability to deliver emergency food and/or shelter programs; and 6) if they are a private voluntary organization, have a voluntary board.  Qualifying agencies are urged to apply. 

To apply, there is a mandatory Applicant Meeting. Please select one of the two following dates to attend and send your RSVP indicating the date and the names of those attending to EFSP@uwsn.org by April 18, 2018.

Applicant Meetings: April 23 from 9:00 – 11:00 am OR April 26  from 3:00 – 5:00 pm

Both will be held at United Way of Southern Nevada, 5830 W Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas 89103

FUNDING PERIOD Phase 35:  Pending

Applications will be completed via ZoomGrants no later than May 18, 2018 by 5:00 pm.

Application access will be released after attending the Applicant Meeting(s). If you have questions relating to this application process, please address them in emails to EFSP@uwsn.org.

A Local Board made up of local government, non-profit organizations and United Way of Southern Nevada, et al, determine how the funds awarded to Clark County, Nevada are to be distributed among the emergency food and shelter programs run by local service agencies in the area.  The Local Board is responsible for recommending agencies to receive these funds and any additional funds made available under this phase of the program.

EFSP Phase 35 Release of Funding