Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow & WLC

Pam experienced a dark childhood filled with both verbal and physical abuse, and was unable to find a way to cope with the challenges surrounding her that were beyond her control. With the support of the WLC, the Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow (FIT), a Las Vegas organization that supports job seekers, was able to send Pam to a stagehand course offered in conjunction with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and provide wrap-around support as she was learning. Upon completion of the course, Pam was hired at a starting wage of $13 per hour. After only 90 days in the position, she received a 25 percent raise and was promoted to a management position. She says, “because of FIT and the training I was able to get, my life has been greatly blessed. I am able to work in a field that has provided a fulfilling career, and not just another job.” Thanks to WLC support, Pam is now able to create a life for herself that she never before dreamed possible.