United Way of Southern Nevada’s Vice President of Marketing, Laurie Mann, turned her birthday into another way to support UWSN! Read her blog to see how Laurie celebrates her birthday and how she made her fundraiser a success. 

For me, my birthday is a very special time of year. Every year I get excited about celebrating my special day. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but I love looking back and thinking about my accomplishments and taking some time to relax and enjoy. 

How I Celebrate!

My birthday always begins with a run, as that’s how I begin almost every day. I know, it sounds like exercise and work, but running just makes me feel alive! I run with my puppies Taz and Cincee and we love it. I get some of my best thinking done on my runs and I always come back home feeling refreshed.

Next, I enjoy a nice breakfast. This year, I rode my bike to HI-Coffee Cafe, one of my favorite local coffee shops. I also enjoy our local spas and I love to finish my birthday with a special dinner, this year celebrated at Oscar’s at the Plaza with a visit to see the new pool at Circa.

The highlight of my birthday this year was hosting my very own birthday fundraiser. It’s a great feeling inviting my friends to join me and seeing who will surprise me with their gift. My birthday fundraiser was my second fundraiser, and I have learned a few tips and tools that can help YOU fundraise:

1.    Team Name/Photos

During my first fundraising experience, the first thing that I did was create a fun “team” name and concept with photos. For our #United4Vegas campaign, I came up with “Laurie’s Lucky Stars” ala Madonna and used photos of myself dressed up in cheesy 80’s garb to promote my campaign. I also personalized the message on my Classy page and created my own URL (give.uwsn.org/stars) that I promoted on social media. For my birthday fundraiser, I found some of my favorite Vegas strip selfies and used them!

2.    What’s the Goal?

For my #United4Vegas Campaign, I wanted to start with a goal of $100. Well, I went on my run for some thinking time, and you can imagine what happened. You know what they say, “go big or go home.” Even though it scared me, I went big and added a 0 to my goal for a goal of $1,000. I am very PROUD to report that I beat that goal by $71 and raised $1,071!

3.    Press the Easy Button!

Who doesn’t like the “Easy” Button? I know that I sure do. For my birthday, I wanted to let all of my friends know about my fundraiser in an easy and fun way. So I posted two of my favorite Vegas selfies and tagged around 30 people in each post. I made sure to thank the people who donated in my posts with a nice text message.

4.    There’s Nothing Like a Personal Ask…

I also found myself talking about my fundraiser when I was networking and talking with friends. I brought up my page, and, in some instances, people asked me how to donate. It was very low-pressure, casual conversation that led to some of my largest gifts.

5.    My #1 Tip

Finally, my #1 tip will help you get the best results for the least amount of work! Can you guess what it is?!? It’s a text! Yes, an individual text asking for support with very simple language. For me, it was, “Hello friend! I was hoping that you would donate to my United Way “Laurie’s Lucky Stars” Team. Your donation will help our community rebuild for the future. If you donate $20, you can even get a #United4Vegas face covering. Thank You😊 Visit give.uwsn.org/stars.” I also sent out group emails with a similar message and had great results. 


My joy has not so much come from the money that I raised as much as seeing my friends, family, co-workers stepping up and joining me for my favorite cause. Because for me, I know of no better way to help our community respond and recover than to support United Way of Southern Nevada. I invite you to join me and host your own birthday fundraiser or give to mine today at give.uwsn.org/laurie

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Laurie's Fundraising Tips For Success!

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