For the past two years, my husband and I have been "empty nesters" with both of our children in college. Our daughter graduates in May and we are currently waiting to see if she is moving back to Las Vegas for employment. This is an exciting time for her as she is starting a new chapter in her life and we are ready to see the incredible things she will accomplish.

I am personally excited to discover what kind of impact she will have on the world, which makes me consider my own impact here at United Way of Southern Nevada. As Vice President of Community and Government Relations, I am working to affect change at the legislative level and create opportunities for others to do the same, like other nonprofit organizations. Through the Nonprofit Legislative Forum which will take place in June, leaders can share concerns they have with our elected officials. These concerns mean nothing, however, without the support of our community and the strength of the people to get out and vote. 

As American citizens, we have an incredible gift and the right to vote and share our stance on the issues. We at UWSN want to ensure that all voters are aware of their right to vote and provide information on how to best participate. According to the Nevada Secretary of State, as of February 2016 there were a little over a million registered voters in Clark County and almost 200,000 were inactive. In 2014, the US Census showed that 1.6 million Clark County residents over the age of 18 were able to register to vote. Almost 35% of the population of Clark County has not taken advantage of their ability to vote and share where they stand on the issues. 

Our goal in the next few months is to reach that 35% and encourage the almost 200,000 inactive voters to make their voices heard. How can you help? Register to vote before the final primary deadline of May 24. Make time to understand the issues and know where candidates stand. Then VOTE! Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages as well to learn how you can make your impact and create great changes in our community and our state through voting.


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