Goodwill of Southern Nevada & WLC

After four years of worrying how she would get her next meal and where she would lay her head at night, Delores Monteiro was bone weary of life on the streets. She shared with UWSN that “losing my job was the scariest moment of my life. Not just for me, but my family.”

Fortunately, Delores found her way to Goodwill of Southern Nevada, a community organization that provided her with invaluable coaching. “Just as I lost hope of looking for work on my own, my Goodwill Career Coach was there to help. I got training and the tools needed to get a job I once thought was out of my reach… My coach helped me to find my passion.”

Before coming to Goodwill, Delores’ gap in work history, age, disability and lack of basic skills had all but made her unemployable. At Goodwill, she found Martha Guizar, a career coach who gave her access to comprehensive, individualized services. Once Delores’ barriers were removed, she landed a full-time position as a customer service representative. Goodwill believes that every life is valuable and every person deserves a chance for a job and the brighter future that it means, and WLC is proud to support them in that mission.