This week, meet Gretchen Frost our Fund Development Administrator! She helps support the Fund Development team who fundraise for our community and make UWSN’s events possible. Her favorite memory of working at UWSN has been volunteering at the Green Our Planet Student Farmer’s Market! She said, “Being out on the field and working with the students firsthand is the best reminder of why we do, what we do!” Read more below to learn about Gretchen's Las Vegas favorites! 

What is your favorite moment from Las Vegas History? 

In October of 1993, The Dunes was the first hotel to be imploded, and I had front-row tickets. (Yes, they sold tickets for it) In the end, we were covered in dirt and debris and couldn't see an inch in front of our faces from the implosion. I remember the wind from it being strong and the temperature was so high that my mascara melted off my eyelashes. It was such an incredible experience to be a part of Las Vegas history. 

What is one thing everyone must do when they visit Las Vegas? 

Drive down the strip. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the world! 

What moment in Las Vegas History has UWSN been supporting the community since? 

We’ve been doing this since 1957 – before the Rat Pack performed in Las Vegas! 

65th Anniversary Team UWSN Spotlight | Gretchen Frost