Individual Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in giving back to the Southern Nevada community! It's heroes like you that strengthen and build our community. We recruit volunteers and organizations from all around the world who bring passion, expertise and resources together to make lasting change. Local nonprofits run efficiently and effectively because of the significant role volunteers play, whether you are looking for a one-time project or an on-going impactful opportunity. Please click the links below to find out more information about agencies that are directly aligned with our community based-agenda focusing on a cradle to career pipeline education, high school achievement, post-secondary and workforce supports pipeline.

Our Focus Areas

Early Childhood Education

We provide children with opportunities to close learning gaps and prepare for school through pre-kindergarten programs.

Explore volunteer opportunities in early childhood education.


High School Achievement

We help students reach graduation day by providing resources throughout middle school and high school.

Explore volunteer opportunities in high school achievement.


Post-Secondary Attainment

We expand access to higher education and certifications through programs that create a stronger and more stable workforce for Southern Nevada.

Explore volunteer opportunities in post-secondary attainment.


Workforce Supports

We help families navigate health services, income supports, job placements and everything else that goes into creating a good life so the whole family can succeed.

Explore volunteer opportunities in workforce supports.