Jay, 35 years old, grew up in Las Vegas, is married and spends most of his time with his family. After doing some research, he decided that becoming a truck driver through the CDL company would be the best next step in his career. At the same time, with the cost of the average CDL class, he knew he would need some help getting the funding. It was a top priority to Jay to avoid student loans weighing on him and his growing family. 

Jay was awarded partial funding for his trucking adventure from the Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow, a Las Vegas organization that supports job seekers, and he received the remainder of the funding from another local agency. Cash in hand, he was able to secure a letter of intent-to-hire from a local concrete company which, after interviewing him, decided he would be a perfect match once he got his license. Jay is now about to start classes with Southwest Trucking, and he is motivated and excited to launch into a new career path for himself and to better provide for his family. Stories like Jay’s are only possible with the support of WLC funding, which helps grow FIT’s work in the community.


Jay's Story | Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow