Meet the newest member of Team UWSN, Jenna Jackson! As Manager of Corporate Partnerships, Jenna helps maintain and create community partnerships with local businesses to support nonprofits in Southern Nevada. Through these partnerships, Jenna provides opportunities for local businesses to make a difference in the lives of Southern Nevadans across the Valley! Learn more about Jenna and how she gives back the place we are all proud to call home in our interview with her below!  

Can you share more about your role? How do you support the community through your work? 

As a Manager of Corporate Partnerships, I help facilitate and maintain relationships that are critical to the impact United Way of Southern Nevada has within our community by developing relationships, implementing impactful employee engagement, and fundraising solutions.  By doing this we are able to unite our community to improve people’s lives. 

Please share what inspired you to join Team UWSN? 

With my professional background, I always found myself spending my free time volunteering and looking for avenues to help my hometown of Las Vegas.  Seeing what United Way of Southern Nevada has done for student success, workplace development and community support inspired me to take my passion for helping others and turn it into a lifelong career and a way of life. 

How do you have fun in Las Vegas?  

Being a Las Vegas native and my love of the outdoors, I enjoy seeing the Las Vegas Valley through the eyes of my young daughter.  We love exploring Lake Mead, Mount Charleston, Boulder City and Red Rock to create fun memories. 

What is a fun fact about you? 

In 2003, I was chosen as the Female Athlete of the Year for Las Vegas for my academic and athletic achievements. 


Team UWSN Spotlight | Jenna Jackson