As a high school junior, Jorge thought college was completely out of the question. He qualified for free and reduced lunch, barely managed to pass his classes, and didn’t care about school. All that changed when he met Erica Mosca, founder and executive director of Leaders in Training, a United Way funded partner. 

When Jorge began the Leaders in Training program, he was quiet and unengaged and considered himself anything but a leader. Yet, Jorge used his own advocacy and grit core value and continued to go to Leaders in Training meetings. Over time he started to feel more comfortable and began to actively participate in the program. Not only did Jorge graduate from high school, he earned a 3.6 GPA at Nevada State College after his first year. 

Jorge is transferring to University of Nevada, Reno where he received a full-tuition scholarship as a transfer student and is committed to using his education and success to help others in East Las Vegas fulfill their potential. Through Jorge’s dedication he has inspired his two younger cousins to be a part of the Leaders in Training and his mom is a consistent volunteer with the program.


Jorge's Story