*Kayleigh is a single mother of one seeking rental assistance due to COVID-19 financial hardships. She was laid off right before the pandemic and was actively seeking new employment. *Kayleigh was hired by a new company but unfortunately was unable to start the new job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. *Kayleigh applied for unemployment benefits, SNAP, rental, and utility assistance to help during this difficult financial time. HELP of Southern Nevada was able to provide rental and utility assistance to *Kayleigh and her child, as well as other community resources. *Kayleigh stated in a follow-up email that she was so grateful for all the help she was given and the assistance removed the heavy feeling of not being able to provide for her child. *Kayleigh is hopeful for the city to reopen and for her to start working again.

*Name has been changed to respect client's privacy


COVID Heroes


*Kayleigh's Story