Leaders in Training and WLC

Life’s not easy without a solid education. Currently, 54 percent of all jobs in Southern Nevada require a post-secondary degree or certificate, but only 30 percent of adults in our region have attained this level of education. For this reason, UWSN is proud to partner with the Leaders in Training (LIT) college prep organization to empower students to be the first in their families to receive a college degree. With WLC’s help, LIT further aims for its students to return to Southern Nevada to give back to their communities after graduation.

The students themselves enjoy this evidence-based programming, instilling values to help motivate them to success. Jorge Martinez, an LIT cohort member and a Nevada State College student, says of the initiative, “we have core values and those values are embedded in our head… self-help, self-evaluation.”

Together, UWSN and LIT plan to break cycles of intergenerational poverty and help families to achieve key indicators such as stable housing and stable income.

And the different LIT cohorts do keep busy! Jennifer, a Utah Valley University freshman and Cohort 2 leader, was able to lead a college tour of her dream school to 63 of her peers. Cohort 4 leader, Sebastian, a Del Sol High School junior, regularly takes the RTC bus to his LIT sessions, and enjoys a participation in the program that would not have been possible without a WLC grant for expansion. 

We wish these students the very best and commend them for their dedication and willingness to work hard to achieve their and their families’ goals.