Me & My Recipe | Rob Borthwick

With a diverse background, United Way’s Information Technology (IT) guru, Rob Borthwick, can be described as eclectic with a great desire to provide IT support to help his fellow United Way co-workers succeed. He began his life on the East Coast in Chester, New York about an hour north of New York City.

With an associate’s degree in business administration from Orange County Community College and bachelor’s degrees in both sports management and media arts and animation, Rob’s education background is as varied as his interests. He loves to read and write, paint and create with his hands.

Desiring a great adventure, Rob wants to backpack Europe. His favorite’s music list on Youtube is 57 songs and growing. “It’s as eclectic as I am. Naturally,” said Rob.

Rob describes himself as an IT help desk person and Jack-of-all-trades. “I am an animal person, have a cat myself, and I try and help all of our local feral cats get through the harsh weather if I can,” said Rob.

Occasionally Rob enjoys cooking this delicious recipe for Bacon Wrapped Figs. He doesn’t have a single favorite restaurant or movie. “I like a lot of each,” said Rob. “Food is best when shared.”