Me & My Recipe | Takiyah Butler

Name: Takiyah A. Butler

Title: Coalition Manager

My role: In a world of limited resources, I work to promote community well-being by encouraging collaboration between different stakeholders in our community. My job is to help others align their efforts, define a shared vision of success and then amplify what works. In other words, I am a professional herder of cats.

Fun Fact:  I have seven middle names. My birth certificate reads: Takiyah Akua Chanel Shante Ahura Nasieah Dah’nale Taj Butler. Say that seven times fast!


Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

My grandmother taught me how to make this soup when I got my first apartment in college. A common cold is no match for this batch!

Ingredients: (As a mother to 10 children, I don’t think she ever gave portion sizes.)

Chicken Stock

Chicken Leg Quarters and/or Thighs







Curry Powder

Cayenne Powder


Lemons (cut in half)


Optional Seasoning: Seasoning Salt, Thyme, Rosemary, Ginger


1.       My grandmother’s advice: Cook long & low.  Set your crockpot to at least 6 hours.

2.       Chop vegetables and set aside

3.       Chop potatoes into small sections of at least 8 pieces per potatoes.

4.       In a deep bowl (to prevent splashing), soak chicken in cold water and vinegar (It’s a cultural staple for me to prepare chicken this way. Trust your own judgment on this one.)

5.       One by one, rub the lemon halves on the chicken, especially under the skin

6.       Add chicken, stock, and seasonings to the crockpot

7.       Add half of the vegetables

8.       Add as many potatoes as you can without overflow  

9.       After some hours when your meat is beginning to separate, add more seasoning, vegetables and potatoes as you’d like.

10.   When your chicken is falling apart and the last add of vegetables and potatoes are soft… you’re all done!

11.   I like my soup over a bed of jasmine rice, with some ginger tea on the side!

Lazy Chef Tip: Use a liner for your crock pot. It makes transferring the soup to a container a lot easier and cleaning up is a breeze!