Our Staff


UWSN President and CEO
President and CEO
Kelly Shaw
Chief Operating Officer
Executive Assistant
Administrative Assistant

Fund Development

Vice President, Fund Development, AudreyD@uwsn.org
Director, Corporate Partnerships, jasond@uwsn.org
Director, Donor Relationships, BrettM@uwsn.org
Director, Donor Relationships, JasonW@uwsn.org
Manager, Volunteer Engagement and Events
Manager, Individual Giving, danab@uwsn.org
Manager, Corporate Partnerships, joycej@uwsn.org
Manager, Corporate Partnerships, JennaJ@uwsn.org
Manager, Corporate Partnerships, StephanieY@uwsn.org
Manager, Corporate Partnerships, ScottW@uwsn.org
Fund Development Administrator, gretchenf@uwsn.org

Marketing & Communications

Marketing Specialist

Community Impact

Senior Director, Early Education
Director, Community and Government Affairs
Director, Monitoring and Evaluation
Program Manager, Community Impact
Manager, Early Education
Community Impact Specialist
Early Education Specialist

Strategy & Projects

Manager, Facilities & IT
Operations Coordinator


Vice President of Finance
Manager, Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable Specialist