Our Staff


UWSN President and CEO
President and CEO
Kelly Shaw
Chief Operating Officer
Vice President of Human Resources
Executive Assistant

Fund Development

Senior Director, Fund Development, AudreyD@uwsn.org
Director, Fund Development Operations, JessicaE@uwsn.org
Director, Donor Relationships, BrettM@uwsn.org
Director, Corporate Partnerships, jasond@uwsn.org
Manager, Individual Giving, danab@uwsn.org
Manager, Volunteer Engagement and Events
Manager, Corporate Partnerships, joycej@uwsn.org
Manager, Corporate Partnerships, JennaJ@uwsn.org
Manager, Corporate Partnerships, StephanieY@uwsn.org
Coordinator, Fund Development, JodiB@uwsn.org

Marketing & Communications

Marketing Specialist

Community Impact

Senior Director, Early Education
Director, Community and Government Affairs
Director, Monitoring and Evaluation
Program Manager, Community Impact
Manager, Early Education
Community Impact Specialist

Strategy & Projects

Manager, Facilities & IT
Operations Coordinator


Manager, Accounts Receivable