We’ve identified important issues in our community and created a plan to solve them.

To tackle deeply rooted issues like poverty, we need to address the base causes of these problems instead of providing quick, band-aid fixes. We’ve collaborated with partners across the community, including nonprofit organizations, policymakers, businesses and people like you, to develop effective solutions that bring everyone to the table. We’ve explored how to align our resources and unite our community to create this change. Together, this makes up our Community-Based Agenda, which is based on one key idea: by helping the whole family -providing strong starts for children and students while supporting their families and communities - we can break the cycle of poverty and create lasting, transformational change for Southern Nevada’s children and families. 

We developed our Community-Based Agenda using three guiding questions to help identify important issues in our community:

Is this a problem in Southern Nevada?

We analyzed data and community information to see how we’re doing compared to other parts of Nevada and the rest of the country.

What’s the impact of this problem?

We looked at how issues could affect Southern Nevada in the long-term if they aren’t addressed through our work.

Can we realistically solve the problem?

We evaluated our resources to see if our community has everything in place to address the problem.

Our Focus Areas

Early Childhood Education: We provide children with opportunities to close learning gaps and prepare for school through pre-kindergarten programs.

Student Success: We help students reach graduation day by providing resources throughout middle school and high school.

College and Career Transitions: We expand access to higher education and certifications through programs that create a stronger and more stable workforce for Southern Nevada.

Workforce Supports: We help families navigate health services, income supports, job placements and everything else that goes into creating a good life so the whole family can succeed.

COVID-19 Response: We created the UWSN Emergency Assistance and Community Needs Fund to provide immediate basic needs through local nonprofits, established the UWSN CARES Childcare Assistance program, brought together 200 nonprofits to help the thousands of people who need us, and matched volunteers with organizations that need their help. 

Our Stories

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