Post-Secondary Attainment

Improving Career Readiness

Our economy is growing and changing, requiring workers who are highly trained and ready to take on new challenges. In a global, technology-focused economy, we need a skilled workforce to be competitive and address the needs of local companies.

Adults with higher education levels have more employment opportunities and can earn $1.2 million more over their lifetime than adults that don’t graduate from high school. In communities with higher educational attainment, there are positive impacts on public health, safety, and community participation. This contributes to reduced obesity, lower rates of incarceration, and higher levels of volunteerism. 

In Nevada, 54% of jobs require some form of post-secondary education, whether it’s an associate's or bachelor's degree or some form of high quality certification. When you consider that only 30% of Clark County adults over the age of 25 that actually hold a post-secondary degree or certification, it’s obvious that we need to change how we prepare our residents for the workforce. The state of Nevada has committed to increasing the proportion of adults who hold a post-secondary degree to 60% by 2025, and we’re ready to assist.

Our goal is to increase the percentage of adults with an associates degree or higher.

By preparing our students in high school to be ready for college-level learning and providing adults with assistance or alternative pathways to a certification or degree, we can grow Southern Nevada’s economy, prepare people for employment, and break generational cycles of poverty.

We’re increasing education levels in our community by investing in programs that:

  • Discuss barriers to student success and develop strategies to address these barriers

  • Provide leadership, volunteer, and college access activities and mentorship programs

  • Assist with college testing, applications, and financial aid assistance

  • Provide tutoring, homework assistance, and credit retrieval to stay on track to graduate

With your support, we will:

  • Enroll 60 high school seniors in a 4-year university

  • Empower 54 college students to receive a degree

  • Help 81 young adults and veterans gain technical and professional skill sets for work

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