Rebecca, a member of Cohort 3 of Leaders in Training and a Connections Academy Senior, had the following wonderful reflections concerning a student trip: 

"See it, dream it, be it means to me that if we get to see cool things and things that inspire us, it will let us dream of doing big things. It lets us have dreams and aspirations that we can take those dreams and turn them into reality. We can become anything we put our minds to: It doesn’t matter what preconceptions people have of us or what people think we can and cannot do. 

“Then, it’s possible for someone that is in the same life situations and has grown up with the same upbringing as us to see that they can do big things too. They can do things that other people that have more advantages and easier paths can do. The trail will have been blazed and, with us doing good and moving up in the world, it breaks a cycle of hardships and broken dreams and creates a cycle of success.

Thank you, Rebecca. You have captured the essence of what the Leaders in Training program is all about.


Rebecca's Story | Leaders in Training