Today, on the one-year anniversary of 1 October, we take a moment to pause and reflect. We mourn as a community for the 58 victims and we honor the countless other individuals touched by the events of that night. 

We will never forget how 1 October has changed the fabric of our city and our region, but more than that, we will always remember. We remember our brave first responders who ran head first into danger. The thousands of people lined up before sunrise to give blood at donation centers across the valley. The truckloads of food, water and blankets dropped off for survivors the next morning. We remember our medical professionals who worked tirelessly for days on end to save lives.

On this emotional day, there are many events and opportunities to honor those 58 and everyone affected. A full calendar of events is available here. You can also turn that caring and concern into action this Friday at Day of Caring, one day of volunteering to empower our community for years to come.

We will never forget 1 October, but we will always remember the way our community came together. Thank you for your continued support of United Way and our community. Together, we are making #VegasStronger every day.

Remembering 1 October