United Way of Southern Nevada's Community Reports series provides an opportunity to increase our community's awareness of local issues by presenting data in accessible and locally-relevant ways. Each report explores county-wide and city-level performance on a specific issue across the cradle-to-career pathway, offering descriptions of the data used, summaries of local trends, and recommendations for action. UWSN will use these reports to inform our decision making and empower communities across Southern Nevada to actively participate in the issues and efforts to improve them.

High School Graduation Rates in Clark County

UWSN's first Community Report takes a closer look at high school achievement in Clark County. It explores current graduation rates and achievement gaps and highlights local programs working to make an impact on graduation rates. 

Read the report here.

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 Post-Secondary Attainment in Southern Nevada

The second Community Report by UWSN explores post-secondary attainment, the proportion of adults with college degrees, high quality certifications or industry-recognized credentials. The report covers local adult educational attainment rates and how communities can take action to ensure college enrollment and on-time graduation.

Read the report here.

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Early Education in Southern Nevada

The third Community Report by UWSN explores how expanding access to affordable child care and early education can help parents earn more and miss less work. According to the report, Nevada is ranked 51st for enrollment in early education.  A quality early education provides children from birth to eight years old a strong foundation to enter elementary school prepared to learn and read.  

Read the report here.

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