Originally from the Philippines, Grace was unable to attend college due to overwhelming medical bills. Fortunately, she was able to enroll in ITWorks, an information technology training program offered by the nonprofit organization, Tech Impact. ITWorks prepares people for jobs that will then translate into careers. Grace passed the so-called “A+ Certification” with flying colors and is now making her dreams come true.

Jemar moved from Detroit after graduating from high school last June without a clear vision for his future. After studying with CXWorks, a Tech Impact customer experience job readiness program, he received a job from Ameriprise where his career is now taking off.

Cami Lewis of Tech Impact grows teary eyed when she describes the changes that her organization is making in people’s lives with the support of UWSN and WLC: “We’re helping them to break out of that cycle of poverty and create a future for themselves, for them to be able to see, ‘I’m capable, and maybe no one else believed in me before now, but these people believe in me.'"


Tech Impact & WLC