United Way of Southern Nevada’s Women United is proud to introduce Jessica Boone, owner of  Therapie Boutique, as our Women United Signature Event Fashion Partner! A Las Vegas native who has built her own clothing brand, Jessica is proud to partner with Women United to help empower the next generation of female leaders. Get to know Jessica and learn more about how she inspires women in our community by reading her story below. 

Toward the end of 2018, I felt my heart being called to start serving my community in some capacity. I did what any millennial would do - I did an Instagram search! My social media searches weren’t leading me to anything that inspired me, but by some divine miracle, I stumbled upon an old Facebook post about this group of women who held a fashion luncheon and hoped they were still active in Las Vegas. Without knowing much about this Women’s Leadership Council (as it was previously known), I bought a last-minute ticket to the 2019 Luncheon Fashion Show. 

It was fun to get dressed up and get out of the house, but what really got me excited was the high energy I felt as soon as I stepped into that ballroom. I felt inspired to be among such friendly and welcoming women who are all making waves to better the lives of Las Vegans. Being brought to tears over a quick video about United Way funded partner Girls on the Run Las Vegas moved me to fill out my information on a contact card. Hearing Kyle briefly explain that this group of women are leading the charge in supporting our city’s residents from “cradle to career” told me I would be signing up as soon as someone reached out to me. Of course, walking back to my car with arms full of raffle prizes was an unexpected bonus!

Volunteering at the Luncheon Fashion Show for the first time as a Women United member in 2020 was special because it was where this journey began for me. In just my first year, I learned so much about the needs of our community and how anyone - me, my family, my customers - can make an impact. As I sat in that ballroom for the second year, I remember telling myself, “Someday I will be the WU fashion partner. Someday I will bring Therapie to Las Vegas and help these incredible women in finding solutions to the problems plaguing the wonderful city I was raised in.” I cried when I got the message that my someday might be in 2021. I cried again when it was confirmed, and I don’t think the happy tears will ever really stop. 

I started Blog Therapie in 2015 as my emotional outlet during infertility treatments and learned firsthand the uplifting power women have when we join in community. I never met most of the online women who supported me through our losses and celebrated with me at our eventual success, but when I started Therapie Boutique online in 2017, I knew the women I wanted to serve. Come to me just as you are and leave with a wardrobe you can take on all of life’s adventures. Maybe you had a c-section and struggle to find jeans to accommodate your changed body. Maybe you’re a breast cancer survivor looking for a dress that makes you feel just as comfortable as you are beautiful. Maybe you just need help navigating the ever-changing trends of women’s fashion. Every woman can find a little Therapie here. 

I’m excited to bring Therapie to the Women United Signature Event on Friday, April 23, 2021, at 4 pm and look forward to seeing all of you there!

Empowering Women Through Fashion: Jessica Boone

Join us and ignite the power of women at the Women United Signature Event on
April 23, 2021!

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