We are looking for volunteers to be a part of our Day of Caring on Oct. 5. They will be working on a variety of projects, everything from painting, reading at schools, building tortoise habitats, and helping nonprofits and schools throughout the community who need help.

This is the third annual Day of Caring and it really helps to make Vegas Stronger. This is a day when our volunteers build hope and healing and resiliency in our community. When you do something to help someone else it feels good. If we can all do that, we are building a stronger community. We’re building a united community. In the wake of this tragic event of 1 October we are looking to do something to help. And there are nonprofits that could use some help. And that’s what Day of Caring provides. It’s an easy way to strengthen our community. It’s something we can all do together. It’s a day of solidarity. A day of community.

If it weren’t for this day there are a lot of projects that simply wouldn’t get done. For example, I just spoke with the Assistant Principal of Walter Bracken, Michelle Wheatfill. If volunteers don’t step up, important projects at Bracken won’t get completed.

Through the support of our generous sponsors including Wells Fargo, Las Vegas Review Journal, Caesars Entertainment, Chase Bank, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Nevada Volunteers, Greenspun Media Group and the Raiders Foundation, we are providing $75,500 to participating nonprofits and schools so that these projects can be completed for little or no cost at all to the participating organizations. For some this funding will be used to purchase paint and supplies, for others it’s gardens with fruits and vegetables, furniture, and for some it's books and learning materials. We know that we are making a profound impact in the community, that's why we stepped up to not only organize this day but to fund it.

This year has grown and we have more projects that need to be filled than ever before. That’s why we are actively recruiting volunteers. We invite you to go to uwsn.org/caring and sign up. There are half and full day projects available. Those who have participated in the past the feedback that we have received is truly outstanding. They leave knowing that they have truly made a difference in our community!


United to Make #VegasStronger on Oct. 5