UNLV Foundation's Back on Track Program

The UNLV Foundation is helping students who need a little extra support in high school. Veta Belford, a junior, was short three and a half credits needed for graduation. Through the Back On Track (BOT) initiative to improve high school graduation rates, she was able to make up those credits and is now on the way to graduating from high school and continuing toward a bright future. Sidney Flores, a senior, was missing the health education credit she needed to graduate. BOT helped her to recover this credit and now she, too, can look forward to greater achievements in the time to come. 

BOT has big plans for the future. With this precious initiative, the UNLV Foundation intends to continue with credit recovery, tutoring and academic advising. They will also be offering college and campus tours to aspiring students. What else is in the works? How about automotive and culinary arts programs along with trainings at the Pima Medical Institute. Finally, BOT will be offering college preparatory workshops. We commend all the students who participate and challenge themselves with BOT, and we also believe that our WLC members should give themselves a pat on the back.