UWSN Launches Community Connect

United Way of Southern Nevada (UWSN) launched Community Connect, a new online information hub that brings together community stories, data, programs, and other resources to help us determine our community’s biggest issues and focus advocacy efforts effectively. The first digital tool of its kind, Community Connect is a free, publicly available resource that allows users to access up-to-date community indicators, compare local information by zip code and quickly create reports and visuals that can be shared.

“We understand how time consuming and challenging it can be to access the right information in order to understand community needs, so we created Community Connect,” said Elaina Mulé, UWSN Vice President, Collective Impact and Social Innovation. “This important community tool helps us to better understand Southern Nevada’s toughest problems so we can provide resources where they are needed most.”

Featuring speakers Jeremy Aguero, Principal Analyst with Applied Analysis; Chris Way, KTNV Vice President & General Manager and Elaina Mulé, UWSN Vice President, Collective Impact and Social Innovation; the event provided access to Community Connect located at uwsn.org/CommunityConnect. Local nonprofits, advocates and media attended the event to learn how to access many of the community indicators the tool highlights, including Adult Education Levels, Graduation Rates, Pre-K Educational Enrollment, Population in Poverty, Low Income Populations and Food Insecurity.

Community Connect provides a foundation for community members to support and create positive social change in their community. This easy-to-use online tool features information aggregated from more than 30 local and national sources, all in one place. The hub’s Community Stories section connects visitors to real stories from people who’ve received help and organizations who are giving help, and gives them the chance to add their own voice.

To learn more, please visit uwsn.org/CommunityConnect.