WLC Emerging Leader Award Scholarships

United Way of Southern Nevada's Women's Leadership Council is making great things happen! Since 2013, we’ve been thrilled to offer scholarships to young women, who have high hopes to pursue their educations in service disciplines, through our Emerging Leadership Award Scholarships. Our first 2016 to 2017 recipient, Jasmine Avagyan is studying biology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas—with a view to continue on to a medical degree. Our second recipient for this same time period, Junhee Bae, intends to study nursing.

Previous years’ recipients also have their eyes on the prize of following career paths that give back to their communities: Mey Mey Heng is studying pre-nursing. Meza Martinez wishes to go into either law or social work. Alyssa Mayor is studying biology, and Monica Guiza intends to work in elementary education. All WLC members can take great pride in the opportunities we’ve made available to these aspiring and inspiring young people.