Workforce Supports

Creating Stability for Families

While children and students are learning and progressing to future success, they need a stable family foundation to support them. Parents and families may need extra help in the form of community services to keep this foundation strong.

By providing a range of services to develop a healthy, stable workforce, communities can increase the quality of life for every single resident. Services like housing, financial education, child care and transportation make it possible for both children and parents to create learning environments wherever they live. When parents and families have access to education and training to receive a degree or credential, they have more employment opportunities, creating a more experienced, knowledgeable workforce. This workforce can increase new business to the area and retain current businesses, which leads to larger efforts to improve the local economy and expanded opportunities for local workers. 

These supports are more necessary than ever. In Clark County, single parent households make up 32% of families and 37% of the population is identified as low income. Without comprehensive support, many of these families could fall even deeper into poverty, creating a dangerous cycle for their children. 

Our goal is to decrease the number of low-income families in Clark County.

By providing the necessary supports to build a stable home life for families, we can ensure that children and parents feel safe and secure. If we support children and their families, we can break the cycle of poverty and create a community where everyone can succeed.

We’re helping families succeed by investing in programs that:

  • Assist families in navigating health and human services during emergency needs

  • Find qualifying families and assist them in securing income supports

  • Promote job placement and retention for families with children

  • Help families with young children find or maintain homes, vehicles, small businesses and more

Find assistance for your family.